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Monthly Meeting September 19th, 2017


Main Event 7:30pm 

Does your real estate investments include haunted houses? Have you ever been spiritually connected to your home? Are haunted houses funny? Crazy? Are they even real? Have you ever wondered what has happened in your home before you bought it?

Do previous owners need to tell you eerie things that have gone on before you were given the keys? What needs to be disclosed by law? Does the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you even think about it? Do you really want to know?

Local Missourian, Kathy Poss will be leading us on a journey of her spiritual experiences with haunted houses first hand. She has gone through some events that just cannot be explained in the physical world. Funny? Crazy? Real? You decide!

Early Bird Session 6:30pm

Do you get your homes professionally inspected before you buy, or just kinda wing it by yourself? When evaluating your investment properties, do you know how to correctly assess them so you accurately, know your ROI (return on investment)?


Hiring a savvy, professional property inspector can be a lifesaver when it comes to your real estate investments. It’s pennies on the dollars when it comes to horrific, unknown repairs that you can get stuck with.

Pete Klarmann of Buyers Protection Group will reveal the real value in getting your real estate investments inspected before you negotiate and put down your hard earned money.

BPG is one of the largest inspection companies in our area having performed nearly 10,000 inspections last year. Plan on arriving early so you don’t miss the inside scoop.

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