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Flipping Houses Event - Dec 9, 2017


If you missed our Tuesday meeting, you missed a fantastic speaker. Lloyd Segal, author of “Flipping Houses” showed us how to get started finding, financing, fixing, and flipping houses. There was so much detail and websites that it was overwhelming!

So Lloyd has agreed to return on Saturday December 9 for a full day (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) for a special “house-flipping Boot Camp,” to personally teach us how to flip houses in St. Louis. The Boot Camp is divided into four sections:

  1. How to find houses to flip
  2. How to finance your purchase
  3. How to fix your house
  4. How to flip your house

The normal price is $497.00 for the boot camp (at his website), but our Club still have a few seats available at $397.00 per person! (First priority to club members.)

You must register ASAP. You will pay at the door.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and help support our club activities.

St. Charles Association of Realtors
110 Point W Blvd

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House-Flipping Boot Camp

Everyone dreams of flipping houses, but very few ever really do it. Why is that? Rehabs are fun and challenging, and the profits are enormous. Plus, compared to other investments, you receive your profits in months (not years). So why don't more people do it? The answer is simple; people do not know how to get started. They don't know what to do, where to turn, or who to trust. Well, stay tuned, because we have the solution.

The Flipping Network has made the "fix & flip" investing as simple as possible. We have broken down the process into four easy to understand steps: (1) How to "Find" houses to flip, (2) How to "Finance" your purchase, (3) How to "Fix" your house, and (4) How to "Flip" your house quickly. Let' explore each of these steps:

  1. How to "Find" Houses to Flip. This is clearly the hardest step right now. As long as real estate stays hot, finding good deals will continue to be difficult. So you'll need to go beyond the typical search for foreclosures, probates, and bankruptcies. You'll need to dig deeper. At our Boot Camps, we will show you how to find deals using city and county departments (building & safety, health, fire and housing departments), federal agencies, mortgage lates, and hard to find websites.
  2. How to "Finance" Your Purchase. Let's start with the understanding that you're not going to obtain a loan from a conventional lender like Bank of America, Chase, or Wells Fargo. Those lenders won't even consider a rehab project that is missing kitchens and bathrooms. With that in mind, at our Boot Camp we'll show you how to obtain short-term rehab loans from hard money private lenders (including us) who will be excited to finance your fix and flip. Plus, learn how to negotiate loan amount, interest rate, points, term, and rehab budget. And don't worry, because with private lenders you don't need good credit, bank statements, or tax returns.
  3. How to "Fix" Your House. Here is the fun part! After all, everyone is a frustrated architect or interior designer. You watch those silly reality TV shows and are convinced you can do it better. Right? So let's get creative. Besides updating the kitchen and bathrooms, your "Scope of Work" may need to include repairing the foundation, roof, bedrooms, air-conditioning, heating, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, and energy-saving features, to name just a few. Next, the most affordable and reliable general contractor and sub-contractors will need to be selected. Most importantly, learning how to stay within budget is crucial and will ultimately determine your profits.
  4. How to "Flip" Your House Quickly. By far the easiest step in this four-step process is flipping your newly rehabbed house. The market is hot so your house should sell within weeks, if not days! The trick here is to price yur house correctly. As you'll learn at our Boot Camp, price your house too high and it will languish on the market and become stale. Price it too low and you'll be leaving money on the table. So let's learn how to determine the after-repaired value ("ARV") based upon comparable sales, pending escrows, and current listings in the neighborhood.

Led by Lloyd Segal, "America's Leading House-Flipping Expert,"and best-selling author of "Flipping Houses" (Regency Books). Lloyd was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal as "One of America's Big Flippers." This intensive live training will reveal the specific investment strategies and techniques that have been used again and again by successful investors to find, finance, fix, and flip houses successfully.

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