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Finding & Funding in 2018 January 16, 2017


January 16 - Main Event 7:30pm
Finding & Funding in 2018 

There’s no question that the St. Louis real estate market is booming. Where are seasoned investors finding the best deals? Where are they getting funding for these deals? What’s in store for 2018?

Have you noticed more competition for the good deals lately? Have you noticed that you are paying more for a lot less? Do you want to know what the seasoned professionals are doing? If so, don’t miss this Main Event! 

So where do you find the best deals, today? Veteran Wholesaler Chris Kleewein and Long Term Deal Maker John Lee will be sharing little known, highly sought after strategies on where they are finding deals today. 

What about funding your real estate investments? Do you have all of the money you need or do you need a little more? There’s a lot of talk out there about using OPM – Other People’s Money.  Where is this OPM?

Money is readily available for you, if you know where to get it. STLREIA is fortunate enough to have 2 excellent sources of funds available to you!

Hard moneylender David Randolph will be showing us how we can obtain money to buy the house. He’ll show us where to get the money for the rehab cost. He knows where to get the money to pay for the loan. You do not have to use your own funds!  Whether you need funding for your first or your twenty-fifth deal, Dave will show you how to do it!

What about more traditional lending? From Conventional to Sub Prime and Non Dodd Frank eligible products (yes they are back) we are proud to have Jennifer Wood and Jeff Fuller of OnQ Financial. Together they bring 30+ years of experience in home lending!

They will help us discover lending on all types of properties and specifically investment properties. Showing us the black and white of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac 20% down conventional programs to the newest Fannie Mae Renovation/Rehab loan for your investment property that needs much love.

What about stated income & asset loans, remember them? Do you want to close loans in your LLC? What if you own more than 5 properties? What about 10 properties? Come and find out what is available to You today! 

 Early Bird Session 6:30pm 

Come Early and Network! What does our STLREIA community have planned for us this year? We have so many things already on the schedule and much more planned. This will truly be a year to remember. 2018 can be Your very best year in real estate investing, so far!


We’re all in this together and together we grow! With continuing education through STLREIA we will all thrive in 2018!

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