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Monthly Meeting September 18, 2018



September 18, 2018

Early Bird Session 6:30PM 

Are you curious about the legislative updates in Missouri? Do you know the Recent Case Laws? Would you like to have your questions answered? If so, this is for you.

We are very fortunate this month to have one of the most popular and well respected, St. Louis attorneys, Katharyn B. Davis of Davis & Travaglini LLC. Katharyn will be sharing the latest and also the upcoming legislative decisions you will make. These decisions coming up could affect you. You want to stay up to date on Missouri Real Estate Law that affects you.

Attorney Katharyn B. Davisis arguably one of St. Louis’ top, knowledgeable and up-to-date attorneys. This is a must attend event for anyone that wants to run your real estate business the rightway! Be sure to get there early

Main Event 7:30PM 

Have you heard about the new 2018 Tax law changes?  They say it has some of the biggest changes in 30 years. Why is that, what changed? More importantly how does that affect me as an investor/rehabber/landlord?

STLREIA member David Randolph says “I am looking for ways to structure my legal entities and business practices to take advantage of the 20% reduction (Section 199A) in Qualified business income so I don’t have to pay as much taxes.”

But just what is qualified business income? What about the new depreciation rules, does it apply to just new construction or older rentals homes. Is your Rental property a trade or Business? There are ways to make sure it is.

Do you know if you are a “Naughty” business, you are if you are the only “employee/owner” and your principle asset is your skill or your reputation. Does that mean you have to loose your 20% reduction in taxable income? Come Tuesday night and let’s discuss how these real world issues affects my and possibly your tax situation from an investor perspective.  

Do you ever wonder how the pros calculate property values from block-to-block? What makes property values on one block a higher price than when you cross the street where the values are quite a bit lower? There are some details you just might not know.

STLREIA member Ned Lips, Vice President Commercial Real Estate division with Re/Max Gold St. Louis will be divulging some little known secrets that could skyrocket your business. Come early. You’ll be glad you did!  

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