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Member Appreciation Dinner Nov 20, 2018



November 20, 2018

Early Bird Session 6:30PM

Member Appreciation Dinner !!!

Catered Meal from Spaunhorst Catering for First 125 to attend. FREE for members - $20 for guest. Arrive early and be one of the 125!

Main Event 7:30PM

Terry Hall Radio Personality

Back by popular demand we have Terry Hall of 550 KTRS long time host of the radio show This Week in Real Estate and now he’s also on the Veterans Radio Network.
Terry the great and wonderful OZ of Real Estate will be enlightening us faithful and stomach filled members with these topics:

  1. How to buy/negotiate with the children of mom and dads home or even mom and dad and the children.
  2. What to look for when buying from wholesalers with unbelievable deals.
  3. Why Realtors don’t like you as an investor.
  4. Why he doesn’t like you period.
  5. How to make your goals in investing.

Terry has no books, or cd’s, courses or anything else to sell. It’s just him and his loud brain putting an unusual perspective on what you do. Terry has spoken to more people about buying and selling property than anyone in America. And that’s an amazing 60,000+ so far. He’s looking forward to the meeting and eating!

Be sure to get there early because you want to eat And get a good seat!

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.