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Monthly Meeting April 16 2019



April 16, 2019 

Main Event 7:30pm 

Think Realty

One of the many benefits of being an STLREIA member is:

Think Realty: A Real Estate of Mind

Access a more flexible schedule, build wealth, and live a life of purpose with real estate investing.

Think Realty is the platform for investors looking to advance in the business of real estate. Investing in real estate is challenging, but with the proper tools and resources, it can be extremely lucrative. That’s where Think Realty comes into play, providing up-to-date news and information on the latest trends in real estate investing. Tools, resources, discounts, events, Resident Expert course videos, podcasts, articles, networking opportunities and more, are always available to Think Realty subscribers. Becoming a successful investor is easier with Think Realty by your side.  

In addition to enlightening and engaging content, Think Realty also provides money-saving discounts. Subscribers receive huge discounts from some of the industry’s most relied-upon suppliers and service providers. Enjoy Think Realty discounts at places such as:

  • Sherwin-Williams Paint
  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • Office Depot
  • Realeflow
  • And many more.

Join Think Realty absolutely free to start learning, earning, and building your REI ability today.




Have you ever had any water damage in your property? What about mold? Do you know what red flags to look for when purchasing a property? This month Grant Erfert, owner of Rapid~Dry will be enlightening us with these very important matters.

Grant is not only the owner he also is ICRC Certified in Applied Structural Drying, Certified Mold Inspector and Remediator. They offer 24 hour water & sewer clean-up. They will bill your management company, building owner or your insurance. They will also provide written reports if needed.

Be sure to arrive early. 

Members be sure to download your 2019 workbook for Free on our website www.STLREIA.com and hard copies will soon be available at our meetings for a minimal amount.


Early Bird Session 6:30pm


Do you have any unsatisfied judgments? Do you want to know how to collect them even when your attorney can’t? Well we have Dennis Veneziafounder of Beacon Recovery Systems who will share his insights on what you can do to avoid renting to tenants that won’t pay. And how you can legally seize assets to enforce payments – Evenif your judgments are nearly 10 years old and written off long ago.

Dennis Venezia founded Beacon Recovery Systems in 2004, a St. Louis based collection firm that specializes in collecting difficult commercial accounts and unsatisfied monetary judgments. 

Dennis uses his over 30 years of credit management experience to help companies turn their bad debts into cash and avoid the pain of unsuccessfully chasing after their money. Over 75% of the cases assigned to Beacon Recovery are from property investors that have been awarded a judgment but their attorney has not been able to collect.

If you’re an investor you do not want to miss this. Even if you haven’t had a judgment yet, it’s only a matter of time

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